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The time we spend on menial tasks is important. It’s valuable minutes and hours taken away from other projects and responsibilities. AYS Curbside believes in simple solutions to clear your slate. It all starts with our valet trash can service.

Who among us hasn’t missed a trash or recycling pick-up, and found ourselves needing to dedicate more time with a trip to the landfill? With AYS, you can kiss that concern goodbye.

What Is a Valet Trash Service?​

AYS offers clients throughout the Baltimore area tailored valet trash can service. For $100 a month, our team members will collect both trash and recycling cans on your assigned pick-up day, bring them to the curb, and return them to your storage area after each city or county pick-up. 

Every quarter, our team will also provide thorough cleaning of your cans to reduce the likelihood of a pest infestation on your property. 

If you’re tired of trash pick-up being a messy endeavor, often leaving behind debris and improperly disposed of garbage, don’t worry. The AYS team will also clean up trash littered on your curb to ensure a healthy, comfortable environment for you and your family.

Currently Serving the Baltimore Area

Expanding to DMV in the future.

A Different Approach to Your Daily Tasks​

If you’re tired of apps that use a revolving door of contractors, you can rest easy. AYS is a local company dedicated to excellent service. We are a Black women-owned business committed to thriving wages for our team, strong relationships with our customers, and the local touch you can’t get with other companies. 


We believe a commitment to simple, professional service is what more people want in their lives. No need to hassle through app bookings, or worry about the quality of employee that will be taking care of your property. AYS provides local, trustworthy service with friendly faces you can rely on. 

Get Started Today.

Local, trustworthy trash valet services are just a click away. At AYS Curbside, we want to help you make the most of your time. It all starts with a dedicated team that is just a call or click away. Reach out today to get started, and see how AYS can help you shorten your to-do list.

No Long-Term Contract Required!

At AYS, we don’t tie you down with long-term contracts. Get started with our services on a month-to-month basis right now!